Mu online server News

Mu online download links are ready

Almost time for the grand mu online opening!

In the meantime, the download links for the fully patched mu online client are available at


Server information:

Experience: 100x

Master Experience: 1000x with fixed exp settings for master/majestic exp-formula at season SXIII episode II.

Max-stats: 65.000, with fixed agility bug! All skills work at good attack speeds, including penetration skill & firescream.

PvP and PvM are fully tested on these stats, furthermore, all maps, monsters, items are configured for this kind of gameplay, it's really fun!

Reset level: 400, requires 10m zen. type ingame /reset

Ingame Wcoins: Drops from bosses and events

Grand reset system: 20.000 wcoins reward



Posted 13 / 03 / 2019

Mu online top grand opening 13-march-2019

After extensive mu online testing, we finally are ready for the grand opening of this almost perfect 100x mu server.

Please standby while we are uploaded the latest patched client to our website.



Posted 13 / 03 / 2019

Currently this is only one server.